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Automated Spray Machines

Superfici specializes in machines that provide our customers with exceptional quality and consistency. We help you work smarter, not harder, to increase production and decrease cost by alleviating the bottlenecks in your finishing department. 

More Than Size

Our automated spray machines are available in three sizes but it's more than just size that counts. While the concept of reciprocating spray machine stays the same, each one has features that make it unique.
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Mini Plus

Reciprocators, One or Two

Mounted on a linear precision guide with brushless motorization for smooth and precise movement

Multiple Coatings

Customizable packages with up to 3 circuits and 12 guns allowing you to operate production with multiple coatings

Part Detection Systems

Our part detection systems accurately read dimensions and automatically adjust to parts reducing overspray and waste

Pressurized Cabin

Upper ventilation unit provides cabin pressurization to reduce overspray and coating waste

Part Transport Systems

Multiple options are available for transporting parts through the machine including paper belt, recovery belt or hybrid with both

Double Dry Filters

Two layers of dry filters are positioned in removable boxes on each side of the conveyor for easy cleaning

Touch Screen Controls

Our touch screen controls allow for easy operation and programmable recipes for consistent application

My Finishing App

Monitor your machine with integrated camera system and receive alarms while machine is in production


Valtorta BravoRobot

This 5-axis Cartesian robot is designed to produce the highest-quality automated painting using a robotic arm that simulate the human hand inside an enclosed, pressurized cabin for optimal transfer efficiency.
Our in-house technical support team is available for troubleshooting to get you up and running quickly
Dedicated technical team installs machines efficiently and trains your operators on site

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