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The Superfici mini automatic Plug & Spray machine features one reciprocating spraying arm, and is the perfect solution for smaller businesses wanting to finally make the transition from hand spraying their products, to the 100% consistency and reliability of automated spraying.



At virtually the same annual costs as spraying by hand, the mini is ready to run off the truck!  It's easy to set up and operate to spray small batches with frequent lacquer and color changes, thanks to the quick-connect spraying arm and the conveyor with paper protection.  

compact sprayers

The Superfici America Compact Spray Machines are the ideal solution for medium sized businesses, featuring double reciprocating spraying arms for two-stage application resulting in the highest quality finish.

Choose from a variety of conveying systems (lacquer reclaiming/conveyor belt cleaning system, paper , or both), dry filtration or filter-on-demand.

The Compact 3 HY is suitable for those who need to paint small and large batches while maintaining high spraying quality with low costs. The machine is equipped with a hybrid conveyor system, which means that it is possible to work with a choice of a protective paper system or with the lacquer reclaiming system.

Compact 3hy


The electronic control system of the spraying area allows the machine to identify the incoming glass products through a specific reading system for glass application by adjusting the optimal spraying width.


Double spraying arm is installed on a high precision linear guide.


Production costs are reduced compared to manual spraying, and the machine can be equipped with automatic color change software or with a speedy-cup on the arm.


The full-size doors allow access to the cabin from both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

Door & Panel Sprayer

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