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Easy management of small batches with frequent color changes. Ability to spray flat or shaped panels. The integrated software recognizes each panel’s

The system is integrated with a paper conveyor which rolls and unrolls itself automatically.  The lacquer, color change, and gun replacement options are incredibly fast.dimensions.Spraying arm installed is on high precision linear guide with brushless motor drive for precise and smooth motion.

The Superfici mini automatic Plug & Spray machine features one reciprocating spraying arm, and is the perfect solution for smaller businesses wanting to finally make the transition from hand spraying their products, to the 100% consistency and reliability of automated spraying.




At virtually the same annual costs as spraying by hand, the mini is ready to run off the truck!  It's easy to set up and operate to spray small batches with frequent lacquer and color changes, thanks to the quick-connect spraying arm and the conveyor with paper protection.  

mini plus

mini plus




The spraying booth ensures the containment of over spray and conveyance of the exhaust air through a series of dry filters and an integrated suction system. Optional pressurization with additional upper ventilation unit achieves better overspray management and greater ventilation control inside the booth.

The Superfici America Compact Spray Machines are the ideal solution for medium sized businesses, featuring double reciprocating spraying arms for two-stage application resulting in the highest quality finish.

Choose from a variety of conveying systems (lacquer reclaiming/conveyor belt cleaning system, paper , or both), dry filtration or filter-on-demand.

compact sprayers

Double spraying arm is installed on a high precision linear guide inside the pressurized cabin. The system is integrated with a paper conveyor which rolls and unrolls itself automatically. This allows you to go from one application to another easily. A color touch-screen panel is integrated with our simple and intuitive software, which has the ability to set working parameters, memorize recallable recipes, diagnostics and periodic maintenance programming.

The Compact 3R is a high-performance spraying machine which gives you the most value for your money. Quality is obtained with a double reciprocating arm inside a cabin with a double filtration system. Compact and economical, it guarantees all the advantages of automatic spraying while remaining accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Compact 3r

The Compact 3 HY is suitable for those who need to paint small and large batches while maintaining high spraying quality with low costs. The machine is equipped with a hybrid conveyor system, which means that it is possible to work with a choice of a protective paper system or with the lacquer reclaiming system.

Compact 3 hy

Compact 3 GLS is an automatic spraying machine designed for glass painting which is ideal for those who need to work on the small batches in a precise way. The electronic system manages the spraying area control. The central conveyor in the spraying area has a paper protection system. The machine can also be equipped with a lacquer supply system with a speedy-cup on the arm for painting small batches.

compact 3 gls - glass line

The electronic control system of the spraying area allows the machine to identify the incoming glass products through a specific reading system for glass application by adjusting the optimal spraying width.


Double spraying arm is installed on a high precision linear guide.


Production costs are reduced compared to manual spraying, and the machine can be equipped with automatic color change software or with a speedy-cup on the arm.


The full-size doors allow access to the cabin from both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.


Thanks to a special Superfici America patent, the reciprocating movement of the first arm can be offset from the second in a measure that can be set and recalled from the recipe, obtaining an adjustment of the overlapping of the two arms. This is an extremely useful feature especially in the case of critical spraying, such as applications of water-based lacquer, metallized, or gloss. The ability to equip with multiple lacquer reclaiming systems and carpet cleaning units in the machine allows an instantaneous change of lacquers. Thanks to the presence of additional groups, the cleaning of the reclaiming units can be completed during the production cycle to avoid line stops. The system is integrated with an intuitive 3D graphics PC interface. The parameters, functions, and diagnostics can be remotely monitored via remote control. The software is able to manage automatic color changes up to 10 colors and can set all the parameters necessary for the specific painting operations. This machine can be supplied with dry filtering with a double layer of filtering material and totally removable filtering boxes from the two sides of the machine. As an option, it is possible to have the patented automatic filter exchange system, FILTER ON DEMAND, which allows the dry filters to be automatically replaced when they are clogged. Alternatively, a water filtration system can be integrated which is strongly recommended for high quality finishes.


The Superfici America Magnum spaying machine boasts a high production capacity, and is the go-to automated spray machine for larger companies needing high volume and uniformity/consistency of finish, with superior product quality.

Ensured quality of the product thanks to the optimal distribution of lacquer even in more critical situations through the patented independent double reciprocators. The automatic change of the suction filters allows you to reduce maintenance operations without interrupting the production cycle.

The Door and Panel Sprayer delivers

maximum results with minimum ink used.


Spray guns only activate when the doors/panels

are passing through the booth.


Perfect for water or solvent-based applications.

Door & Panel Sprayer

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