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The Compact Spray Machine is the perfect solution to a variety of challenges for medium-to-large sized production lines from labor shortages to increased production needs it offers unparalled flexibility, control and cost savings.
Two-Arm Reciprocator

Mounted on a linear precision guide with brushless motorization for smooth and precise movement

3 circuits, 12 guns

Customizable packages with up to three circuits and 12 guns allowing you to operate production with multiple coatings

Reader Bar

Photo Diode reading system accurately reads dimensions and automatically adjusts to parts

Pressurized Cabin

Upper ventilation unit provides cabin pressurization to reduce overspray and coating waste

Part Transport Systems

Multiple options are available for transporting parts through the machine including paper belt, recovery belt or hybrid with both

Double Dry Filters

Two layers of dry filters are positioned in removable boxes on each side of the conveyor for easy cleaning

PC Touch Screen Controls

PC based touch screen controls allow for easy operation and programmable recipes for consistent application

My Finishing App

Monitor your machine with integrated camera system and receive alarms while machine is in production

IMG_1585 2_edited_edited.jpg
Our integrated pump systems are designed and built in house providing customization and a finishing process as unique as your business
compact arm.jpg
Dual reciprocator arms allow for the proper coating applications at a higher rate of speed to increase production over traditional hand spraying

Compact3 Paper

Paper belts are great for smaller production runs or  frequent coating changes.


Compact3 Hybrid

Hybrid system is a flexible option both high volume production and frequent coating changes.


Compact3 Recovery

Recovery belts are great for shops with high volume production runs offering the ability to reclaim overspray.


Technical Details

Looking for additional information? Click here to download a data sheet providing technical drawings and additional size information about the Compact3 Spray Machine.


Still wondering if the Compact3 is right for you?

See what our customers say.
Compact Testimonial
"We have doubled the output and we have reduced hours at the same time and we have been able to repurpose those people to other positions within the facility."

— Mark Miller, Director of Operations

Weather Shield

"The biggest benefit is that we can give our customers a very uniform finish."

— Steve McBride, Director of Operations

Advanced Millwork

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