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Is a company that has served for decades as a supplier in the field of the design, development and manufacture of complete industrial finishing systems, and is recognized globally as the market leader in its sector.

Originating in equipment for wood finishing, over the years Elmag-Superfici has expanded its expertise into the production of coating systems for glass, plastic, graphic arts, metals, and composite materials.

The product range includes complete automated or robotic spraying lines with vertical and / or linear dryers and optional UV curing, complete lines for roller coating and curtain coating, printing lines for panels; and finishing systems for windows and other three-dimensional pieces.

In 1946, Elmag S.p.A was established in Northern Italy, producing classic woodworking machines.  In a short time, the product range grew with the importation of specialty machinery from Germany and an acquisition in the 70’s of Superall, creating the Superfici (or “Surfaces”) Division.

In 1995, Superfici Italy acquired Valtorta, a company well known for the production of various finishing application equipment, such as Roller Coaters, Printing Machines, Spray Robots, Edge Coaters, and Curtain Coaters. 


In 2004, Superfici Italy entered the SCM Group, one of the largest manufacturers of woodworking machinery in the world.  With its complete vertical integration, superior manufacturing processes, and huge R&D investments, SCM has helped Superfici Italy grow into one of the worlds more successful finishing machinery companies in the world.

Superfici began selling in the U.S. in the 1980's, and established a North American presence by forming Superfici USA in 2000. In 2005, Superfici USA became Superfici America, opening its North American offices in Concord, North Carolina.

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