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Mini Plus

The Mini Plus Automated Spray Machine provides a simple and efficient solution to your finishing needs whether you're needing to increase production or overcome labor challenges.
Single-Arm Reciprocator

Mounted on linear precision guide with brushless motorization for smooth and precise movement

Small Footprint

Stand alone machine ideal for small to medium sized production lines looking to increase production or manage labor costs

Reader Bar

Photo Diode reading system accurately reads dimensions and automatically adjusts to parts

Pressurized Cabin

Upper ventilation unit provides cabin pressurization to reduce overspray and coating waste

Paper Belt System

Paper belt conveyor system allows for easy cleanup and the immediate absorption of overspray

Automatic Color-Change

Automatic color change for three primary coatings and a flush system at the touch of a button

Touch Screen Controls

Touch screen controls allow for easy operation and programmable recipes for total control

Less Mess, Less Waste

Minimizing overspray not only increases transfer efficiency it reduces machine downtime for cleaning

IMG_1585 2_edited_edited.jpg
Our integrated pump systems are designed and built in house providing customization and a finishing process as unique as your business
Our reciprocator arm accommodates different spray guns and its
quick-change gun plate is versatile to keep up with your evolving production needs

Technical Details

Looking for additional information? Click here to download a data sheet providing technical drawings and additional size information about the Mini Plus Spray Machine.


Still wondering if the Mini Plus is right for you?

See what our customers say.
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"We can paint in one day, in one shift, more than we could in an entire week."

— John Mooney, Owner

The Cabinet Warehouse

"With hand spraying there's a lot of room for error, but this takes it all out so you're getting consistent pieces every time."

— Reed Nash, Machine Operator Advanced Millwork

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Which Mini is right for you?

What's the difference between the Mini and Mini Plus Automated Spray Machines?

Mini Plus
Conveying System
Part Detection System
Photo Diode
Pressurized Cabin
Automatic Color Change

Click here to download a data sheet providing technical drawings and additional information about the Mini Spray Machine.

Mini Options

There are two other options for the Mini Automated Spray Machine to suit your needs. 


Non-pressurized machine for basic spraying needs.


Mini Reflex

Designed for small companies with a single operator.

Customized Quote

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