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This 5-Axes Cartesian robot is designed for panel finishing and offers a high-quality automated painting experience thanks to its robotic movements which simulate the movement of the human hand. Precision, reliability, and delicacy of the hand of a craftsman combined with the speed and continuity of an automatic spraying system. All enclosed in a pressurized cabin with a suction system designed for spraying optimization.

valtorta bravorobot

Valtorta Bravorobot_2017 copy.png
The high-level complete solution for painting of window frames, shutters, and doors!

Inspired by the craftsman's arm movements and transformed into a six-axes anthropomorphic robot with the possibility of extension up to eleven, the Superfici America Maestro robot is ready to be equipped with a quick lacquer change complete with flush tank and gun nozzles cleaning device.

The system is easily integrated into complete lines with in-line or step by step feed, complete with drying equipment and with suitable work-piece conveying system. If necessary, pieces can be automatically turned in front of the robot to process the opposite side.

robot maestro

maestro robot.png
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