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valtorta bravorobot

This 5-Axes Cartesian robot is designed for panel finishing an offers a high-quality painting experience thanks to its robotic movements which simulate manual work. Precision, reliability, and delicacy of the hand of a craftsman combined with the speed and continuity of an automatic spraying system. All enclosed in a pressurized cabin with a suction system designed for spraying optimization.



Pressurization system with suction inside the cabin guarantees a clean and optimal working environment even in the case of critical applications.

Valtorta Bravorobot - Image 2.jpg


The system helps to find the correct spraying cycle for each type of finishing thanks to an accurate and versatile software control of the arm. It is possible to set the position and the inclination of the guns, also adapting them for painting edges.



Ability to choose a water filtration system, dry, scrape on wet, or paper to guarantee optimal spraying cycles in any kind of application.



The system is integrated with a simple and intuitive software for setting the spraying parameters. It automatically reads the load and calculates the top spraying trajectories.

Technical Data

Available models                        Filtration system             Conveying system

valtorta bravorobot p1                         dry                                        with paper protective system

valtorta bravorobot p2                         water                                     with paper protective system

valtorta bravorobot r1                          dry                                        with lacquer reclaiming unit

valtorta bravorobot r2                          water                                     with lacquer reclaiming unit

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