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Valtorta Fixed Heads - Image 1.jpg

The Superfici America Curtain Coating System can be customized with one or more units installed in the machine. The heads are available in two versions: Pressure head which assures the veil is formed by compressing the paint between two stainless steel knives. The structure of the head is technically studied to guarantee an unalterable parallelism of the knives and therefore a perfect calibration of the veil over the whole width.

THE Gravity headIs easy to use and reduces maintenance time. In this case the applied quantity is adjusted by means of the opening determined by an eccentric steel roller and the veil is formed by gravity. The conveyor transport is controlled by an inverter. In case of integration of the machine in complex lines, a double speed operation can be foreseen for the transport system.

removable curtain coater trolley.png

Removeable curtain coating trolley

Curtain Coating Head and Collection Tank

Curtain coating head inserted in the machine

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