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valtorta fixed heads

Superfici America fixed head curtain coaters are available in two speeds, and one or more coating units, which can be fixed or removable. 

Valtorta Fixed Heads - Image 1.jpg

Superfici America fixed head curtain coaters offer various executions which ease the line integration of the machine and the optimum control of the charges in varying finish line types.

FLEXIBILITY: High curtain coating heads available in pressure or gravity version and in stainless steel version for water-based products. - wide choice of machine lengths to be optimized based on the size of the batches to be processed in line.

EFFICIENCY: Double management of the transport system for optimized management of in-line batches, with control of loading speed, curtain coating and unloading. Double chamber lacquer container with possibility of heating system lacquer installation.

CLEANING: Cuno filter in stainless steel for continuous filtration of the product. Pump system, filter and collection tank designed to avoid the formation of air bubbles inside the lacquer.

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