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mini plug & spray

automatic spray machine

The Superfici America mini automatic Plug & Spray machine features one reciprocating spraying arm, and is the perfect solution for smaller businesses wanting to finally make the transition from hand spraying their products, to the 100% consistency and reliability of automated spraying.



At virtually the same annual costs as spraying by hand, the Superfici America mini is ready to run off the truck!  It's easy to set up and operate to spray small batches with frequent lacquer and color changes, thanks to the quick-connect spraying arm and the conveyor with paper protection.  

mini gun.jpeg


Easy management of small batches with frequent color changes. Ability to spray flat or shaped panels. The integrated software recognizes each panel’s dimensions.



The system is integrated with a paper conveyor which rolls and unrolls itself automatically.  The lacquer, color change, and gun replacement options are incredibly fast.



Spraying arm installed is on high precision linear guide with brushless motor drive for precise and smooth motion.

Technical Data


Working width                             1300 mm / 51 inches 

Workpiece max. thickness.        90 mm / 3.5 inches

Working height                            900 mm / 35 inches

Feed speed.                                  1 ÷ 3 m/min

Conveying system.                      Hybrid with paper protecting device and

                                                      lacquer reclaiming unit

Electronic control.                       PLC

mini plug & spray

mini plug & spray

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