Valtorta F1 | Superfici America

valtorta f1

The roller coater, is optimally included in automatic lines for the application of lacquer onto flat
such as parquet flooring, flat doors, and furniture panels.

The innovated machine, and its building features, is perfectly suitable for high speed finishing lines.


• Precise lacquer amount control and quality constancy even in case of critical finishing conditions

and high feed speeds due to the HIGH PRECISION APPLICATION HEAD, which can count on movements

on linear guides and on the automatic control device for the working pressure between the

application and the doctor roller (optional).

EASY USE, by means of control panel on board of the machine, completely removable doctor

blades and lacquer recycling elements and quick change system for the application roller.

• WORK-PIECE WORKING WIDTH 1300 MM., thanks to the widened conveyor belt and rollers.