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supernova gls

Roller coater, based on decades of experience and innovation, is specifically engineered for the lacquering of flat glasses.


The machine can be equipped with various types of roller according to the requested lacquer amount and to the desired type of finishing, like for example a full color or and acid etched effect.


The  roller  coater  SUPERNOVA  -  GLS  is suitable  for  lacquer  applications  onto  f  lat glass  surfaces  and  achieves,  thanks  to  the use  of  rubber  rollers  with  various  types  of grooving,  the  ideal  lacquer  amount  and quality.

Adjustment  of  the  nip  between  the  rollers through high precision linear guides.


● PRECISE LACQUER AMOUNT  CONTROL AND QUALITY CONSTANCY even in case of critical finishing conditions  thanks to the HIGH PRECISION APPLICATION HEAD, which can count on movements on linear guides and on the automatic control device for the working pressure between the application and the doctor roller (optional).
● EASY USE, by means of control panel on board of the machine, completely removeable doctor blades and  lacquer recycling elements and quick change system for the application roller.
● WORK-PIECE WORKING WIDTH 1300 MM thanks to the widened conveyor belt and rollers. 

Technical Data


Belt width                                                                1370 mm / 54 inches 

Roller width                                                             1500 mm / 59 inches

Working height                                                        900 mm / 35 inches

Slabl thickness                                                        3 - 40 mm / .11 - 1.5 inches

Min. slab length                                                       300 mm / 11.8 inches

Application roller diameter                                    245 mm / 9.6 inches

Standard hardness of the application roller        30 Sh or grooved roller on request

Doctor roller diameter                                            175 mm / 6.8 inches

Feed speed                                                               2 - 6 m/min / 23 - 65 fpm


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