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uv supercure

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Thanks to the possibility of choosing among a wide range of UV modular units of various lengths (from 200 to 2300 mm.) and of different reflector types. Available are modules with high focal yield reflectors suitable to be used on flat lines, modules to achieve
a  “cold” polymerization in case of thermo-sensitive materials and modules for the three-dimensional cold-curing.

Technical data


Available lamp length                             12 - 90.5 inches 

Available lamp power.                             From 40 to 120 W/cm

Cooling type                                              Air

Power supply type                                   Electronic

Available module types                           UVM1 - UVM1 PLUS - POLIEDRA

Superfici America UV Supercure 3D Dryer


UV modules are in anodized aluminum with hinged covering and front doors to ease access to reflector and lamp. All the modules are available with reflector swiveling and half-power devices, in case of emergency line stop, necessary to prevent substrates and conveyor from overheating and to protect the radiating source from an early aging  due to repeated ignitions.

The ordinary ultraviolet sources produce a strong infrared radiation that may cause a relevant overheating of the irradiated substrates. Thanks to a refined device developed by our laboratories, it is possible to filter the emitted radiation taking away all the infrared portion. The result is a cold ultraviolet light which can be used with any kind of thermo sensitive material. The above mentioned Coldcure system combined with the development of a special UV-Plus module achieves the possibility of positioning the reflector in three different positions :


on the surface to be cured. The reflector is oriented downwards. In this position we have the maximum of the specific power on the work-piece; all UV and IR range of the emission of the lamps reach the work-piece.

the radiating source is oriented towards a selective surface, which reflects only the UV range of the lamps emission, avoiding to transfer on the work-piece the heat generated by the IR range, thus obtaining a Cold polymerisation.


this position enters automatically whenever there is a conveyor stop.
The lamp power supply decreases to 50% or to other previously fixed values.

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