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valtorta s4 - filling machine

Use : application of recycling water-borne or UV fillers application weight : from 5 to 30 gr/m2

The steel filling roller at the out-feed of the application head presses the filler into the wooden pores or into the mdf or chipboard structure.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 17.02.41.png

EASE: The integrated control keypad can manage the blades, the recirculation elements, and the quick replacement system for the applicator roller.


ACCURACY: The lacquer application is precise even in critical finishing conditions thanks to the high precision application head, moving on linear guides and on a device for managing and controlling the working pressure between the applicator and the dispensing rollers. Accurate control of the lacquer weight.

Technical Data


Belt width                                                                1370 mm / 54 inches 

Roller width                                                             1500 mm / 59 inches

Working height                                                        900 mm / 35 inches

Panel thickness                                                       3 - 120 mm / .11 - 4.75 inches

Min. panel length                                                     300 mm / 11.8 inches

Application roller diameter                                    245 mm / 9.6 inches

Standard hardness of the application roller        50 Sh

Doctor roller diameter                                            175 mm / 6.8 inches

Filling roller diameter                                             198 mm / 7.8 inches

Feed speed                                                               7 - 20 m/min / 23 - 65.5 fpm

Compression air consumption                               25 NI/min

Approximate installed power                                 3.5kW

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