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Superfici Ameica UV LED Matrix Dryer

Superfici America UV/IR dryers are designed for flash-drying 3D products sprayed with lacquer coatings.


Matrix UV LED system can be applied in different applications, such as graphic arts and wood finishing.

matrix LED UV curing system

Superfici America Matrix LED Curing Syst

Instantaneous ON-OFF without overheating. Monochromatic emission. Deep polymerization. 
No extra cooling needed on the pieces in the line exit.

Cold system allows high-quality printing and avoids support deformations.


Complete system is MADE IN ITALY allowing for easy and fast spare parts availability.


Saves 70% more energy than a traditional UV system. 

No ozone avoiding oxidations on the gripper arms and printing machine’s cylinders.


No mercury eliminating the disposal problems. 
Less noise and odor in the workplace.


Turns ON-OFF in sections avoiding waste energy on small pieces.

Lower consumption on the heat treatment of the air in the workplace.

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