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3D Lines

Any work-piece , which needs lacquering, manually or automatically, needs a proper conveying system, which is engineered according to the size, the weight, the shape of the pieces and the requested production capacity. The conveying system takes pieces from out-side the plant and conveys them into the spraying area, then into the drying area, and finally in the unloading zone.

Automatic conveying systems achieve in this way: consistency in the production capacity, working hours reduction, higher finishing quality, lower environmental impact.

Finishing Lines With Automatic Work-Piece Conveying Systems

Lacquer application is the most delicate phase in a finishing line. The air exhaust and its air filtration system should comply with the all norms in force in terms of health for the operators, air pollution inside and outside the building and it should at the same time guarantee the consistency in the application quality.

The spraying can be performed manually by operator or by automatic reciprocators, cartesian or anthropomorphic robots according to the types of pieces to be treated, the requested production capacity and the available investment budget.

These lines are hang and cart lines for various 3-D Wood Coating and Microwave Drying Systems work pieces, such as windows, passage doors, etc. Various conveying mechanisms are utilized to hold the posts in order to apply and dry the coatings. Machines include flow coaters, automatic reciprocators, robots, hot air and IR drying systems, as well as microwave drying.
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