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Our Technology Center

New Superfici America Lab

The Superfici America technology center boats a full line of automated finishing machinery, enabling customers to run the various application tests required to prove our machines have what it takes, to take their business to the next level with efficiency, maximized volume, consistent quality, and long-term reliability driven by Superfici America technology.

Panel Cleaner

IR Panel Preheater

Magnum 3 Sprayer

Flash-Off Oven

Jet Air Oven

Matrix UV Curing Lamps

Belt Cleaning Unit

Color Change Panel

Compact Sprayer

dmc System Widebelt Sander

Etc Vertical Dryer

dmc 950

Valtorta F1

Valtorta S4

Selecure Matrix UV Flat Dryer

Mini Sprayer

Mini Plus Sprayer

Vacuum Coater


Molding Sprayer

Lab Testing Will:

  • Prove true performance of Superfici America machines;

  • Verify with our customers the coating cycle best suited to their specific finishing needs;

  • Provide expert technical evaluation and determination for proper machine specs needed to assure customer success;

  • Provide solutions for specific requirements in relation to particular products, especially those which require a greater degree of customization.

New Superfici America Automated Finishin

Interested in

Scheduling a Lab Test?

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