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valtorta sp - filling machine

Use : application of water-borne or UV thick fillers.

Application weight: from 40 to 150 gr/m2 

The filling roller placed at the out-feed of the application head presses the fillers into the wooden pores or into the mdf or chipboard structure.

Valtorta SP is the most suitable plastering machine for the applications of thick fillers with no product recirculation system. The machine is equipped with flanges which creating a closed ink tray between the rollers from they take the product to be applied to the surface of the piece. The panels enter the machine on a conveying system with rubber against-rollers, allowing to work with right pressures.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 17.27.24.png


Ability to work with high pressure, specific for non-uniformity surface panels in raw particle board or solid wood; the application is easy thanks to the machine structure reinforced with a conveyor system with rubber against-rollers in contact with the workpiece.



It is a fast and efficient machine even in critical finishing conditions thanks to the high precision application head, controlled by a device for managing and controlling the working pressure between the applicator and the dispensing rollers. Precise weight control of the applied product.



The integrated control keypad can manage the blades, the recirculation elements and the quick replacement system for the applicator roller.

Technical Data


Belt width                                                                1370 mm / 54 inches 

Roller width                                                             1500 mm / 59 inches

Working height                                                        900 mm / 35 inches

Panel thickness                                                       3 - 120 mm / .11 - 4.75 inches

Min. panel length                                                     300 mm / 11.8 inches

Application roller diameter                                    245 mm / 9.6 inches

Standard hardness of the application roller        50 Sh

Doctor roller diameter                                            175 mm / 6.8 inches

Filling roller diameter                                             198 mm / 7.8 inches

Feed speed                                                               6 - 18 m/min / 19 - 59 fpm

                                                                                   (others on request)

Compression air consumption                               25 NI/min

Approximate installed power                                 3.5kW

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