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The Superfici Series Moulding Sprayer is designed and built for automatic spraying of linear workpieces. An additional benefit of the spray cabin design is the easy access to the overspray recovery bins. These bins are removable from the front side, allowing for full access for cleaning and removal of the reclaimed materials. A full range of models are available from 3 guns to  8 guns, to meet any customer’s needs.

Supporting rod of the guns built in 1020 steel and covered with hard chromium,  system for fixation of the guns' pole, done by cramps of easy handle and quick adjustment, with rotative handful.


The Superfici America automated moulding sprayer is designed to paint profiles or compatible pieces in a sprayer process, featuring on on-board control panel, sensors, and low pressure automatic guns.


A very economical and fast way to perfectly apply various coatings to varied profile shapes.

Equipment equipped with 03 painting chambers (or less), built in stainless steel

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