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laminar counter-flow dryer UMI-UMA

LAMINAR Counter-Flow Dryer UMI-UMA -  through-feed flat dryer for the flash off or drying of lacquers. Inside the dryer an optimum environment is guaranteed to ease the flash off or, if desired, to achieve the total drying of the lacquer layer. The system generates a controlled hot air flow, which goes along the work-piece surface in a counter-flow direction, thus opposite to the line feed. The air is blown through a suction fan placed at the end of the tunnel and then conveyed to the entrance. In this case, the air flow collects solvent or water in exhalation and removing it from the drier area. Several modular units can be combined to achieve the optimum drying effect. The heating coil is placed in the air inlet area with a temperature regulation system. The battery can be supplied with different heating fluids; hot water, steam, or diathermic oil. Electric power is optional.

Laminar 2021
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