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contivert etc 1

Contivert ETC1 - Image 1.jpg

Designed for drying or drying in laminar flow air. The Superfici America Contivert Etc 1 vertical dryer has 6 carpet trays enclosed in the drying chamber, moved by means of a special up / down system.


Through the vertical movement, each tray is cyclically brought to the loading and unloading windows where, with synchronized speed to that of the line, the output of the dried pieces and the load of freshly painted pieces takes place simultaneously. 


Controlled ventilation system that allows you to better manage the recirculation of the air flow in order to optimize the recovery of the heat generated.


Thanks to the controlled ventilation, which reduces the required drying time compared to drying in the environment, ensuring optimal conditions of filtered air to minimize wastes. The dryer is generally divided into a drying zone, two temperature-controlled drying zones and one cooling zone.

SPACE SAVING: Possibility to obtain long drying times in reduced spaces, exploiting the accumulation of the pieces vertically, developing the dryer in height.

The Contivert can be equipped for any of the following work piece thicknesses:

  • Max thickness                                                2-3 inches

  • Distance (rack clearance)                             3.5 - 4.7 inches

Technical Data

CONTIVERT ETC 1 MODEL                             USEFUL LENGTH

ETC 1 - 5500                                                                        205 inches 

ETC 1 - 6500                                                                        244 inches

ETC 1 - 7500                                                                        283 inches 

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