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Mouling Sprayer

superfici america profile sprayer

Gesso Extruder

Professional Gesso Extruder.png

Stain Machine

Superfic America Stain Machine

decorative sanders

superfici america decorative sander

decorative sanders

superfici america decorative sander


5 Head Lineal Sander.png

uv curing oven for moulding

superfici america lineal curing oven

Edge Coating Lines

superfici america molding lines

Moulding Denibber

Superfici America Profile Denibber

Lateral Transfer Oven

& Material Handling

superfici america lineal transfer oven

Lateral Transfer Ovens are the solution for the drying a full range of coatings applied by spray, vacuum and gesso systems. Each oven is custom sized and specified for the coating and substrate. A combination of hot air, infrared and ambient cooling can be used to optimize the process.

Lateral Infeed & Outfeed Conveyors

superfici america infeed outfeed conveyors

This equipment is designed to off-load profiles or similar products in a continuous line of production. It’s constructive form allows the assembly in two directions depending on the needs of the customer. It’s off-load system is made laterally, transferring the parts from a linear to a cross way, reducing it’s speed so that products can be packed at the end of the process.

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