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Laminar Counter-flow Dryer

A through-feed, flat dryer with air circulating in the opposite direction of the line feed for the flash off or drying of a variety of coatings.
A Team Player

Can be used alone or in combination with other drying technologies customized to your unique dry schedule

High-Temp Conveyor

Cross-bar or belt conveyor options are suitable for high temperatures and speed can be adjusted by inverter to accommodate your line

Infrared or UV Lamps

Optional UV or infrared lamps can

be added for short, medium or

long wave IR providing

additional flexibility 

Heating Elements

Electric coils or heating fluids including: hot water, steam or diathermic oil to suit your needs

Adjust the intake and

exhaust airflow separately for more flexibility and control of drying parameters

laminar touchscreen.jpg
Touchscreen PLC controls allow you to save
pre-programmed recipes giving you complete control of airflow, time and temperature

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