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DMC Sanders

through a great deal of research and development, DMC provides a line of unique and exclusive sanding solutions to assist in the woodworking and panel processing industries.

System T10

The most customizable of the DMC System machines with up to 10 machining heads housed in a single structure including patented planetary disks for multi-directional sanding.

Eurosystem Widebelt Sander

Achieve excellent finishing results with a wide range of units including: cross-belt, calibrating roller, sanding roller and Super-Finisher for a combination of aggressive roller and sensitive EPICS electronic sectional pad.


Produces high-quality, uniform sanding with a combination of roller brushes and oscillating disks allowing it to round sharp edges and reach inaccessible areas on profiled panels.

Profisander C

A brush sanding machine with two, inclined, counter-rotating brushes with independently adjustable rotation speeds and a vacuum belt conveyor.

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