Widebelt Sanding and Brushing Machines Superfici America
DMC has always been involved in the development and building of sanding machines and systems in order to improve the quality, performance and safety fort the sanding process.
Technological reference partner for the most important woodworking and panel processing industries, DMC has recently invested in a lot of research as shown by a large number of unique and exclusive solutions protected by patents that totally change the idea of sanding.

dmc widebelt sanding system

dmc eurosystem widebelt sander

DMC modular sanding machines offer solutions for the production, including innovative solutions aimed to create different decorating finishing effects which point out the authenticity of the wooden material or recall the woodworking craftsmen's production (saw blade, planing and wood worn effects) that can be realized at high production volumes due to the innovative operating units that are now available.

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Profile Sander