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Superfici America offers a complete range of dryers with a vertical drying system, guaranteeing, even in the case of very long drying times, negligible machine space lengths, optimized heat zone control & recovery for maximum energy efficiency.


Superfici America vertical dryers are designed with space restrictions, energy efficiency, high-output, and controlled use of heat in mind. The dryer is divided into three zones to achieve industry leading results.

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Vertical dryer with belt trays, used where it is necessary to achieve a hot air drying with quite long drying times (from 15 min. to some hours), typically therefore in case of automatic finishing lines with spraying or curtain coating applications.

Designed for drying or drying in laminar flow air. The Superfici America Contivert Etc 1 vertical dryer has 6 carpet trays enclosed in the drying chamber, moved by means of a special up / down system.


Through the vertical movement, each tray is cyclically brought to the loading and unloading windows where, with synchronized speed to that of the line, the output of the dried pieces and the load of freshly painted pieces takes place simultaneously.


The semi-closed-circuit ventilation system guarantee a controlled air flow, which is guided between the trays by targeted openings and side closing barriers.

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VERTICAL DRYER WITH BAR TRAYS EVC Vertical dryer with bar trays. The dryer achieves even long drying times with reduced space requirements and with a limited energy consumption.


The machine foresees a certain number of bar trays, which receive the fresh lacquered work-pieces and which move inside the dryer thanks to the up/down and cross movements.


The work-pieces are in this way transferred through the different ventilation zones. The dryer is normally divided into a flash off zone, two drying zones with controlled air temperature and one cooling zone.

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