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Designed for drying in laminar flow air, the Superfici America UV dryer has 6 carpet trays enclosed in the drying chamber, moved by means of a special up / down system. Through the vertical movement, each tray is cyclically brought to the loading and unloading windows where, with synchronized speed to that of the line, the output of the dried pieces and the load of freshly painted pieces takes place simultaneously. The semi-closed-circuit ventilation system guarantee a controlled air flow, which is guided between the trays by targeted openings and side closing barriers.

Superfici America UV/IR dryers are designed for flash-drying 3D products sprayed with lacquer coatings.


selecure uvm1

selecure uvm1 plus

The traditional ultraviolet sources produce an intense infrared radiation that causes overheating of the irradiated substrate.


Thanks to a device designed and perfected in Superfici laboratories, it is able to filter the emitted UV radiation, eliminating most of the infrared component. The result is a cold UV light that can be used with any type of heat-sensitive material, the system is called Coldcure.

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