Valtorta BravoRobot Sprayer | Superfici America

This 5-Axes Cartesian robot is designed for panel finishing and offers a high-quality automated painting experience thanks to its robotic movements which simulate the movement of the human hand. Precision, reliability, and delicacy of the hand of a craftsman combined with the speed and continuity of an automatic spraying system. All enclosed in a pressurized cabin with a suction system designed for spraying optimization.

The Superfici America Painting Robot System for Panels, performs pre-programmed spraying sequences on panels of the most various shapes. The Valtorta Bravorobot is the ideal solution for customers who need to frequently change type of finishing and type of pieces to be lacquered, or whose requirements are the highest quality finishing level eventually also combined with special finishing effects.

EASY USE, by means of the software, easy to learn and which operates in a Windows XP environment. The PC interface with three-dimensional graphics is very intuitive and easy to operate.

valtorta bravorobot

HIGHEST FLEXIBILITY is achieved by the capacity of the Superfici America Valtorta Bravorobot system to automatically adapt the spraying cycle to the different pieces loaded, by the fast color change and by the possibility of using the machine both as a robot and as a spraying machine.

HIGH FINISHING LEVEL, is achieved thanks to
● the execution of the spraying cycle by the robotic arm with a 5 axes control, brushless drives and movements on high precision linear guides.
● wide size cabin with filtering roof and high efficiency pressurization system.