UV Poliedera | Superfici America

Newly developed among the UV modules, the POLIEDRA system was studied to achieve the UV curing on three-dimensional pieces with thicknesses from 80 to 100 mm., conveyed on flat conveyors. Traditional 3D curing systems generally apply energy in excess on the flat surface of the panel, with the aim of reaching the right hardening on the edges too.

Reflector UVM1

Reflector Poliedra

The result is the over-exposure of  the flat surface, often implying  over-heating. The Poliedra module was engineered to improve the energy distribution on the surface and on the edges of the board. Very important, is the angle of the UV rays when they hit the different parts of the work-piece. The special shape of the reflector makes it possible to reach the different faces of a presumed parallelepiped with an inclination of 30°