Magnum Spray Machine | Superfici America


The Superfici America Magnum Spray Machine features patented technology allowing for reciprocating movement of the first arm that can be offset from the second, in a measure that can be saved and recalled from the recipe, obtaining an adjustment of the overlapping of the two arms. This is an extremely useful feature especially in the case of critical spraying, such as applications of water-based lacquer, metallics, or gloss.

The Superfici America Magnum spaying machine boasts a high production capacity, and is the go-to automated spray machine for larger companies needing high volume and uniformity/consistency of finish, with superior product quality.

Ensured quality of the product thanks to the optimal distribution of lacquer even in more critical situations through the patented independent double reciprocators. The automatic change of the suction filters allows you to reduce maintenance operations without interrupting the production cycle.