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laccabord edge coater

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Superfici America edge coating systems are useful both before the treatment of a flat surface and combined with automatic spray-painting systems, where the edge of the panel needs further processing.


Superfici edge coating machines are a flexible solution thanks to the possibility of having the belt, roller, or combined finishing unit.

The perfect solution for the spray application of stains and is equipped with two fixed guns, with manual position adjustments possible. 

The Superfici America Laccabord Edge Coater is equipped with a paper or polyethylene film protection device, complete with an automatic unwinding/rewinding system which protects panel surfaces from overspray.

Technical Data

LACCABORD edge coating machine available in single o r double-sided version

Available units                                                               Use

Spraying application unit SPR                                     Stain application

Roller application unit RL                                             Base coat / top coat application

Belt application unit NST                                              Application of fillers / base coats

UV modular units                                                          UV hardening

Hot air drying units                                                       Stain drying

Brush units                                                                    Cleaning / denibbing

Belt sanding units                                                         Sanding 

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