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Contivert ETC 4/2

Consisting of 2 cabins with belt pallets and 2 cabins

for spacing

Contivert ETC 4/4

Consisting of 4 cabins with belt pallets

Superfici America Contivert Vertical Ove

The Contivert design concept has the following models:


Contivert ETC 2/2

Consisting of 2 cabins with belt pallets


Contivert ETC 3/2

Consisting of 2 cabins with belt pallets and 1 cabin

for spacing

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Ventilation unit on the machine provides easy access to filter fans and batteries.

Opened ventilation unit.

Machine complete with recycling pipes and outside ventilation units to ease maintenance.

Contivert is a high quality drying solution that ensures the most careful treatment of the coated surface; also in case of delicate finishes, including glossy ones. The pieces to be dried are on the fully supported belt pallets, so as to have a uniform temperature over the entire lower surface of the work piece. The air flow over the work-pieces is well controlled, since the air is easily managed between the two closed and linear surfaces of the stacked pallets. All movement devices are located outside the drying area of the belt pallets.


The flash off and cooling zones are located in the lower part of the unit. 

The air flow is blown into the cooling zone. During the cooling process, the air is heated by the work pieces and the belt pallets and then it is blown into the flash off zone, at the end of which another fan guides it out of the unit. The heating zones in the upper part of the unit work according to the recirculating air principle. Air is guided through the two heating zones at different temperatures.