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AutomaticSuperfici America Single Pass S

Door & Panel Sprayer

The Door and Panel Sprayer delivers

maximum results with minimum ink used.


Spray guns only activate when the doors/panels

are passing through the booth.


Perfect for water or solvent-based applications.

Recipricol sprayer designed to spray both sides and edges of doors. It features a central control panel with a PLC, a robust structural design, and four automatic spray guns allowing for a uniform application of primers, paints, stains, and clear coats using either water or solvent based coatings.

Technical Data

Door & Panel Sprayer (Single Pass)

Working thickness                      30 mm / 1.2 - 2.4 inches 

Workpiece max. width                600 - 1200 mm / 23.5 - 47 inches

Working height                            900 mm / 35 inches

Working speed                             8 m/min / 26 fpm

Conveying system.                      Hybrid with paper protecting device

                                                      and lacquer reclaiming unit

Electronic control                        PLC or PC as option

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