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Compact 3p

High Finishing quality is achieved with the Superfici America Compact automatic spray machine, thanks to the advanced technical specifications and high quality construction. The Compact Sprayer shows special attention to the achievement of high quality standards in the final product. Quality finishes are assured with any coating application by the dual reciprocating arms, and the pressurized cabin with double stage air inlet filtration, and the full-sized filtering roof.

Advantages of Compact 3P

Technical Data

Compact 3P

Working width                             1300 mm / 51 inches 

Workpiece max. thickness.        90 mm / 3.5 inches

Working height                            900 mm / 35 inches

Feed speed.                                  2 ÷ 6 m/min

Conveying system.                      Paper protecting trolly

Electronic control.                       PLC or PC as option

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