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Compact 3 hy

The Compact 3 HY is suitable for those who need to paint small and large batches while maintaining high spraying quality with low costs. The machine is equipped with a hybrid conveyor system, which means that it is possible to work with a choice of a protective paper system or with the lacquer reclaiming system.

Advantages of Compact 3HY.jpg

Technical Data

Compact 3HY

Working width                             1300 mm / 51 inches 

Workpiece max. thickness.        90 mm / 3.5 inches

Working height                            900 mm / 35 inches

Feed speed.                                  2 ÷ 6 m/min

Conveying system.                      Hybrid with paper protecting device

                                                      and lacquer reclaiming unit

Electronic control.                       PLC or PC as option

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