Jet Airblade Dryer | Superfici America

jet airblade dryer

The Superfici America Jet Airblade flat dryer features a recycling ventilation system with high performance, high-speed centrifugal fan which conveys air into a special design collecting hood allowing a uniform distribution with minimum losses to the air blades. Thanks to its high efficiency, the dryer is normally used for fast flash off cycles or for the drying of water-borne lacquers or stains. The dryer can eventually also be equipped with infrared lamps placed in-between the blades to accelerate the drying process. Available up to 15 meters in length.

Superfici America linear dryers use hot and high-speed air, making them ideal for drying of water lacquers and colors. The preheated air is fed into a manifold which feeds a series of air blades that hit the panel with knocking air perpendicular to the surface of the piece. In the dryer, infrared lamps alternating with the air blades can be integrated in order to speed up the drying process.