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airblade dryer

Jet Airblade Dryer.jpeg

Thanks to the fast-drying cycle the Superfici America  Airblade Dryer is ideal for drying of water lacquers and colors. The preheated air is fed into a manifold which feeds a series of air blades that hit the panel with knocking air perpendicular to the surface of the piece. In the dryer, infrared lamps alternating with the air blades can be integrated in order to speed up the drying process.

The Superfici America Airblade Flat Dryer blows air on the panels through a narrow opening placed crosswise to the panel feed making it ideal for drying water-based paints

The integrated ventilation system generates large volumes of air for efficient heat exchange with the panel.

Technical Data


Working Width                                   1300 mm / 51 inches 

Dryer Length                                      3000 - 6000 mm / 118 - 236 inches

Max Air Temp                                     158 degrees 

Air Speed At Blades                          Approximtely 6 fps

IR Lamps Type                                   IRM or IRS

2020 Superfici Airblade Dryer Airflow
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