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The Ultimate No Brainer!

It's really simple. Simple math. The cost of automating your finishing process has now made it financially impossible to say "no"; when leasing an automatic spray finishing solution from Superfici America costs less than you pay your manual spray technician per year, you really cannot afford to not automate.

How To Know When It's Time To Make The Switch?

The Finishing Bottleneck | Average Sized Kitchen Job

Automatic Spray Machine: 5-10 minutes Manual Spraying: 40-45 minutes

Spray Machine: Up to 1000 pieces per day 2-coat process or 750 per day 3-coat process

Manual Painter: 120 pieces per day 2- process or 80 pieces per day 3-coat


Click on Bret below to hear what our Lab Manager has to share regarding customer reactions to the Mini Plus spray machine from Superfici America.

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