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Superfici America - An Alarming Experience

When you have orders to fulfill and production deadlines to meet, you need peace of mind that your finishing process is running smoothly. Superfici America understands that it’s critical to minimize delays and downtime in your manufacturing line. That’s why we developed the MyFinishing App. It’s designed to provide production managers with real-time information about how their Superfici America automatic finishing equipment is performing.

The Superfici MyFinishing App

The Benefits of the My Finishing App

The MyFinishing app provides production managers the ability to monitor the equipment, learn production details, and troubleshoot issues. If for any reason the equipment stops in mid-production, the manager will receive an alarm on their mobile devices. That allows them to know from anywhere in the world where there is a good Wi-Fi connection exactly how things are going in the production facility.

From the app, managers are able to determine whether to escalate the issue to the support team at Superfici America, go to the plant to handle it directly, or talk to the employee on duty through the necessary steps to correct the problem.

What Comes with the App?

The MyFinishing app comes with a simple interface for robust features. Here are the highlights.

Reports: Provides both real-time information as well as past history on the equipment work time, down time, and ready time,

Production Details: Know at a glance how much paint has been used and read square meters.

Production Efficiency: Understand your total usage efficiency and loading efficiency.

VNC: You can watch your machine’s Human Machine Interface, which is the main control panel for your finishing equipment, from your smart phone!

Diagnostics: Know if your machine is active, see if there are any active alarms that need to be addressed and know when your next scheduled maintenance should be.

Alarms: Keep an eye on your maintenance needs, and any production interruptions or warnings.

Cameras: Keep an eye on your production line. Built-in cameras on Superfici America finishing machines allow for the product manager to view the line and the interior of the equipment cabin in real time.

Superfici America Commitment to Customer Support

The MyFinishing app was developed with our customer’s needs in mind. By giving you access to real-time production details you can ensure your finishing process runs as smoothly as possible.

While most problems encountered can be resolved in-house, our support team is available to provide help in the even remote assistance is required. Maintenance is available for phone support from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST. Contact us today to learn more about how Superfici America can streamline your finishing production line.

The MyFinishing app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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