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Italy Invades Canada

Superfici’s latest and greatest GTA install!

From an empty space to a high speed production finishing line just like that.

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to Tony and Rob Deltin for choosing to partner with us at Superfici. Right from the start of line conception this was a true team effort. The result, a fantastic collaboration which is now producing hundreds of sq meters a shift....and they are just getting started.

I personally had the great experience of building this line starting with the 40 tray, 4 zone stacking oven providing the ultimate in zonal air flow and heat control. The Compact 3 P was next. 3 full time circuits fed by Kremlin high pressure pumps through a plural component mixer to ATX guns....12 in total. We then integrated an existing panel cleaner with our technology just ahead of our charge conveyor. It’s quite a line.

Rob Fera you did a hell of a job coordinating all the madness. Thanks for all the help.

A shout out to Newco, New Mechanical, Kremlin, Mike M and Nick C.

Looking forward to many years of watching Superfici equipment spray Frendel kitchens.

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