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sisal panel cleaner

SISAL Panel Cleaner Direct.png
Superfici Panel Cleaner Belt

Upper brushing machine with two camel hair brushes for deep cleaning of panel tops. The machine can be equipped with an upper and lower brush complete with individual suction hood. Available as options are blowers and antistatic bars. The machine features a roller conveying system.


The machine has the following main advantages:
- Camel brush to ensure a delicate and efficient cleaning.
- De-ionizing system to achieve an easy dust removal
- Possibility of belt conveyor execution with vacuum to ensure the conveying of small pieces.
- Possibility of execution with electric lifting of the brushing head and with control of the machine by PLC, useful especially in case of automatic line controls.

Technical Data

Sisal Panel Cleaner

Working width                             1300 mm / 51 inches 

Workpiece max. thickness.        100 mm / 4 inches

Working height                            900 mm / 35 inches

Rotation speed.                            800 rpm

Brush diameter                           250 mm / 9.8 inches

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