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Automated Dryers

You have applied the coating, now what? Do you let your products sit out on open racks for hours only to find that the finish is contaminated with dirt or smudges? Speed up your drying time with one of our automated drying solutions.

How dry is dry?

Do you need to speed up the flash-off stage so your product can safely be placed on a rack or do you need it to come off the line ready to ship?

Flat Dryers


Vertical Ovens


UV Dryers

Forced Airflow

Airflow accelerates the curing process with intake and exhaust fans to circulate air helping to

dry workpieces

A Team Player

Dryers can be used alone or in combination with other drying technologies customized to your unique dry schedule

Infrared or UV Lamps

Optional UV or infrared lamps can be added for short, medium

or long wave IR providing additional flexibility

Heating Elements

Various heating elements are used including gas, electric coils or heating fluids: hot water, steam or diathermic oil to suit your needs

Let us help you determine your dry schedule.

Our in-house technical support team is available for troubleshooting to get you up and running quickly
Dedicated technical team installs machines efficiently and trains your operators on site

Customized Quote

Contact us today for a customized quote on the Superfici solution to your finishing needs.

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