Moulding sprayers for linear profiles - Superfici America

moulding sprayer

The Superfici Series Moulding Sprayer is designed and built for automatic spraying of linear workpieces. An additional benefit of the spray cabin design is the easy access to the overspray recovery bins. These bins are removable from the front side, allowing for full access for cleaning and removal of the reclaimed materials. A full range of models are available from 3 guns to  8 guns, to meet any customer’s needs.

gesso extruder

Professional Gesso Extruder.png

Reinforced steel construction developed for profile parts of various sizes. It covers gesso, trefila, and similar profiles by an extrusion process, leaving its face well leveled, permitting new processes immediately after.

vacuum coaters

The Bravo Series Vacuum Coater features high production output for priming, staining, and finishing.


Models are available in 8” or 12” widths, and come standard with two 7.5 HP vacuum producers, with an option for a third. Designed to apply all water-based materials: Stains, paints & primers to all sides, resulting in a very accurate multisided uniform finish with virtually no paint waste

decorative sanders

Superfici America Modular linear sanders configured up to 10 heads. Superfici America Moulding Dryers for all materials available in gas, catalytic, steam, electric or thermal.

UV coating lines for single process or only edges.

superfici america decorative sander

Decorative equipment designed with a variety of modules being possible in a single operation to perform sanding, polishing, buffing, wiping and other processes for varied sizes and shapes. It's modern construction concept allows it's assembly in different positions, making is adaptive to any format profile. This model can be built with 1 or 8 heads. Accessories: Speed variation and auto wear for abrasive wheels.

stain machine

Superfic America Stain Machine

This machine is designed to impregnate a dye in wood mouldings and siding. The equipment applys this dye through guns, having it’s excess wiped off with nylon brushes, leaving only the desired quantity of stain on the parts.


Our lineal sanding machines have been designed to satisfy our customers needs in sanding, polishing, milling, buffing, brushing, wiping, and others. A wide range of models, operating groups and accessories are available. Our sanders can be customized with up to 10 heads based on your needs. 

uv curing oven for moulding

superfici america lineal curing oven

Developed to dry different UV materials instantly: Sealer, Varnish, and other coatings types. Different from UV flat drying, the Superfici America linear drying tunnel permits the drying on the top, bottom, and sides on all types of profiles, with speeds up to 200 FPM.


Designed to receive different types and dimensions of UV lamps; both Gallium and Mercury types. In its constructive configuration, it is capable of performing most UV cure processes. This equipment can be configured to accept up to 9 lamps, accepting all varieties of profiles and borders known on the market.

moulding denibber

Superfici America Mouldin Denibber

The in-feed conveyor is equipped with adjustable Sanding/Denibbing units. These units are mounted on the right and left side, as well as the top and the bottom, to allow for 360 degree sanding.


Fitted with a series of abrasive strips, varying in grit and width, matching the type of sanding/denibbing required.


Each unit has variable speeds to allow for sanding of raw wood, light stain denib, and UV sealer sanding.

lateral transfer oven & material handling

Lateral Transfer Ovens are the solution for the drying a full range of coatings applied

by spray, vacuum and gesso systems. Each oven is custom sized and specified for the coating and substrate. A combination of hot air, infrared and ambient cooling can

be used to optimize the process.

It’s highly efficient curing system allows pieces to be submitted to other finishing processes, such as sanding, gesso, primer, engraving, and others after exiting the oven. Available with gas or electric heating coil configurations and comes in either a vertical or lateral model depending on space restrictions.

lateral infeed & outfeed conveyors

superfici america infeed outfeed conveyors

This equipment is designed to off-load profiles or similar products in a continuous line of production. It’s constructive form allows the assembly in two directions depending on the needs of the customer. It’s off-load system is made laterally, transferring the parts from a linear to a cross way, reducing it’s speed so that products can be packed at the end of the process.