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Custom automated reciprocating and robotic finishing solutions for kitchen and bathroom cabinet makers. From small custom cabinet shops to large cabinet manufacturers, Superfici America spray machines and robotic sprayers for frames, panels, and blinds, provide perfect application of all coatings types providing cabinet makers with the consistent quality and the perfect finish every time. The plug and play mini and mini plus spray machines are perfect for small cabinet makers, while the Compact 3 hybrid spray machine with choice of paper or belt conveyor, can handle cabinet finishing needs for larger cabinet makers. The Airblade flat dryer or the Contivert Etc stackable oven provide the perfect curing and drying for the finished cabinets. Whether spraying lacquer, water-based or solvent-based coatings, the Superfici America automated spray machines provide the perfect finish for cabinet makers. 

compact 3p

robot maestro


supefici america contivert etc1 vertical drying oven

contivert etc 1

mini plus

Superfici Jet Airblade Dryer.jpg

airblade dryer

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